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Is Your Garage Door Unsightly or Damaged?
Garage Panel Replacement is An Affordable Solution

When our clients have garage door panel problems, they often assume that these issues will require a complete replacement of their garage door systems. The good news is that garage panels can often be replaced or repaired without requiring the investment of a whole new system and installation.

What are Some Common Scenarios in Which You May Replace Your Garage Panels?

  • Damage—Accidental collisions from vehicles, bicycles, lawnmowers, and more are one of the most common problems with garage panels. Very often, the damage is localized to only one or two panels. Rather than invest thousands of dollars in a whole new system, we can replace only the damaged panels and get your garage door looking great and functioning properly.
  • Aging Problems—A common problem in older doors is the garage door panels sagging. In these circumstances, the panels may be able to be replaced without upgrading the new system, but our qualified team needs to evaluate the condition of your existing hardware to ensure that the system overall is still operating correctly.
  • Aesthetics—Your garage door is part of the exterior curb appeal of your house. New, stylish panels can give your home a fresh, updated look. If you are looking to sell your home, new panels help update your exterior and attract buyers.
  • Energy Efficiency—Garage door thermal panels help insulate your garage, which not only increases its functionality, but also helps boost your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Why Choose Integrity Door Services?

From commercial properties to residential homes, we offer affordable and dependable door repair services.

We can assist with garage door metal panel repair, panel replacement, or even new system sales and installation. We know that your budget is important, which is why we explore all your options so that you can choose the solution that best meets your vision and needs. For more information about how we can help you repair or refresh your garage door, contact our team today!

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