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Whether you are constructing your new home from the ground up, or you are simply remodeling your current home, an attractive automatic garage door boosts the curb appeal and convenience of this typically utilitarian space. When selecting a garage door, you want to collaborate with a provider who offers sales, installation, and service so that you have a go-to expert at your fingertips. Integrity Door Services specializes in both replacing existing doors and new construction garage door installation. Our highly skilled team can walk you through your options, and whether you are investing in a custom door, or just want a basic update, we will provide the affordable and dependable service you expect.

How Can Integrity Door Services Help Me Select a Garage Door?

When you partner with Integrity Door Services, we take you through the selection process step by step so that you understand the features available, the pros and cons of different models, and what best fits your budget and needs. For example, our technicians can explain the difference between garage door openers with a chain versus a belt. Selecting an opener depends on the type and weight of door you want, the garage square footage, and your long-term expectations. If you live in a more rural area with frequent power outages, garage door openers with battery backup may be an important feature for your home.

Can I Just Replace My Existing Garage Door?

Integrity Door Services wants you to know that new garage door replacement cost doesn’t have to break the bank. From the very basic to the custom design, we connect our clients with the products that best meet their needs and budget. Once you decide on the best door for your home, we provide superior installation and service so that you feel confident in your finished project.

Our team invites you to contact us or stop by our location for more information. Let Integrity Door Services show you why we continue to be a trusted service provider of commercial and residential door services.

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